De Camille

Original works of oil on canvas and mixed media de Camille.
Feel free to inquire about commissions.

A native Angeleno and UC Santa Cruz grad in art & costume design, de Camille went from the Lycee Francais at age six to later study art and fashion design at the Paris American Academy and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and had a one-woman sell-out show in Montmartre. The world of the French cabaret fostered her fascination with the corset and bustier shape that appears throughout her creations.
There is a sense of the collector and the traveler in her work. During the five years she lived abroad, studying in Paris, Bath U.K., and the Caribbean islands of Montserrat and Grenada, she learned to take from the past and update it through her unique and quirky lens. Her style is eclectic with primal and spiritual undertones: a combination of Surrealism and Pop culture, studied detail and innocence.
"I like blending this surreal dream world with undercurrent images of our current world. Mixing soft beauty and edgy unexpected intrusions is what comes out of my paint brush--a blurring of the yin and yang of life...Another strong theme in my work is the iconic female form. For 10 thousand years we have been haunted and inspired by the dazzling mother/goddess/temptress angel. My studies of fashion and costuming led to a successful career in fashion couture for a decade. For me, art and fashion always fed and bled into each other, enriching both." de Camille
De Camille is deeply inspired by the layers of human identities--our personal and communal experience. Her work is a synthesis of Antique and Pop Culture, processed through a dream-like state; thus her vision and her technique are both multi-layered. To create altered states of texture she is constantly experimenting with various mediums such as saw dust, paint medium, egg yolk, tea bags, paper, and found objects.

Instagram: @deCamille