De Camille

De Camille presents Succulent, a call to artists of all disciplines.
Suck us into your world.
From sexiness to a drought tolerant future, you interpret the theme.
This show will span from May 5, 2018, Cinco de Mayo, to May 28, 2018 and We invite you to play with this theme and send in 3 to 5 of your best examples for consideration.

The selected artists will be invited to attend the Cinco de Mayo Feast Opening at the Love Hacienda.
Famous Chef to be revealed. You are highly encouraged to come alone so as to make the most of your opportunity to mingle with potential collectors.
Collectors always love meeting the artist and the opportunity to sell is far greater when you are present and not too distracted. Note that the attendants have paid to be here for this event. We believe that this attracts the more serious buyers more than having too much art, which may overwhelm their desire to purchase and too crowded an environment in which to view it.

Artist applications available online February 24, 2018
Application Fee $20 deadline April 7, 2018
late fee additional $15 by April 18th
Jury results emailed to artists by April 20, 2018
Artist Drop off Mon April 30th and Wed May 1 from 10am to 9pm, Tues April 31 from 2:30 to 9pm
Opening Night Saturday May 5th 2018 5pm to 9pm

This exclusive show will be open to the public in a very private way over these weeks by way of a wine tasting event and a VIP dinner and open by appointment in between.
These feasts will take place in the courtyard and 1400 sq ft gallery of the Love Hacienda and will be created by various Chefs from around the world such as, Brazilian Celebrity Chef, Natalia Pereira and Paula Tabalipa, Stylist, Chef, and IT girl Taste Maker. Natalia has worked as the private chef to Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Ford, Madonna and Rick Owens and together the women have put on numerous Brazilian Fusion Dinners in Italy, Africa and at private homes such as Mario Testino.

All work submitted must be for sale. The price shall be at the discretion of the artist. Please include the price with your application.
A thirty percent commission from all sales will be retained by the Atelier De Camille Soirees. Prices assigned by the artist should include our commission.

We will offer a raffle of art work as well as other prizes to our guests. Please feel free to specify IF there is a piece of work you care to sell in this way. The split will be the same financially so it is not an outright donation. Make sure to price it for us so that we know what the minimum should be.

Application Process
The Atelier De Camille Soirees uses the EntryThingy online application system, which requires you to upload your photo submissions here. We do not accept slides, photographs, links to websites, or paper applications as your application, though we do invite you to include your website and Instagram as reference.
Artists must register with an accurate email that will be working throughout the application process until show date. This email address will be used to notify you of your status. Notification of accepted or declined status will be emailed to the email address you entered to register for EntryThingy. Please check your application email inbox for all correspondence. NOTE Our notifications will come from Place this address in your address book to be sure you receive notifications.

Special Instructions
Provide a completed application through EntryThingy and on the website. Your application must include:
Description of Work
A short statement that briefly describes your body of work as it relates to this exhibit.
Artist Statement
We all want to know your story, however keep it concise.
Up to three (5) works may be submitted with up to 2 images of each piece, if there is detail you wish to add. Images submitted must accurately represent original artwork to be exhibited.
(see image format on EntryThingy).

Payment for Application
To ensure that the jury sees your entry, your non-refundable entry fee of $27.00 must be received by us no later than April 7, 2018. This fee covers up to 5 works and is payable upon submission. Late fee is an additional $15 and that deadline is April 18, 2018.
You may pay via PayPal or Venmo. $20
or $35 if after April 18, 2018.
Email for payment:

Delivery of Artwork
Artists are responsible for shipping or delivery of their work and, should the work not be sold, for return shipping or pick up. Details for shipping and delivery will be included with the contract. If you are shipping framed work we recommend you ship with acrylic instead of glass.

De Camille, head of this Special Exhibit
Mailing address will be given to the Selected artists if needed.Please request if you will need to ship your work.

Apply online here by April 7, 2018.
We can not wait to check out your work!

Jury Process
Applications will be reviewed by a jury comprised of selected individuals from varied backgrounds who embrace the philosophy and goals of the Atelier De Camille Soirees. Artwork for this Special Exhibit will be selected based on adherence to the stated theme, originality, personal voice and technical skill.

As a native Angeleno, De Camille has always been inspired by the intricate layers of our identities; our personal and communal experience. Her work is a synthesis of Surrealism and Pop Culture through a dream-like state. Her technique is very layered. It may start with the collaging of a blue print or obscure images to set the scene and create an underlying structure for the work. Her continued experimentation with various mediums creates altered states of texture, including saw dust, egg yolk; tea bags and found objects.

There is a sense of the Collector and the traveler in her work, as she has lived in the Caribbean, the U.K. and Paris where she studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. She takes from the past but updates it through her unique and quirky lens. Her eclectic style and subject matter can create a new dimensional world through the studied detail and naivete of her unique lens.

Bonne Chance!

De Camille
Instagram: @deCamille