De Camille

Polygamous Palms of Paradise De Camille

In her upcoming solo show at Gallery 417,
De Camille celebrates the classic Bird of Paradise palm.
This iconic palm has insinuated itself into our inner and outer décors --- from the original 1920s' Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper to the exotic pools and Hawaiian shirts of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. It pokes its shafts into our psyches and flaps its undulating curves at us.

Botanists claim this palm is polygamous. Its sensual lines have a similar effect on us. How many show up in nightclubs; Interior Design magazines; hotels. With color and texture, de Camille brings out the polygamy of the palm.
The Bird of Paradise is timeless; it floats through many design categories and never goes out of fashion.
Loved by all, it enjoys a true polyamorous relationship with us.
As a native Angeleno, De Camille has always been inspired by the intricate layers of our identities; our personal and communal experience. Her work is a synthesis of Surrealism and Pop Culture through a dream-like state. Her technique is very layered. It may start with the collaging of a blue print or obscure images to set the scene and create an underlying structure for the work. Her continued experimentation with various mediums creates altered states of texture, including saw dust, egg yolk; tea bags and found objects.

There is a sense of the Collector and the traveler in her work, as she has lived in the Caribbean, the U.K. and Paris where she studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. She takes from the past but updates it through her unique and quirky lens. Her eclectic style and subject matter can create a new dimensional world through the studied detail and naivete of her unique lens.

Show Opening Thursday November 9th 7-9pm
Gallery 417 in Metro 417
417 S. Hill Street, Suite 100 | Los Angeles, CA 90013
Instagram: @deCamille