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Introducing the Art de Camille

From her 'Manifestation Art Experience', 'Ocean Bliss', to her 'Divine Love' collection, all are created to remind you to feed and fuel your love for yourself! Beyond decoration - this is art to inspire your serenity and help you manifest your Life Vision.

Experience the 'Ocean Bliss' and...

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In the News! The MANIFESTATION ART EXPERIENCE! Ocean Bliss Prints, Decor and Merchandise!

Ocean Bliss Canvas Prints & Merchandise

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Meet Artist, de Camille

"My mission is to help remind
you to feed and fuel your love for yourself."

This became my mission because of my own challenge with the two things I love and wanted most; to have a family and be a professional artist. At some point I forgot to honor the journey and became too hard on myself and too mad at God and the Universe for not granting my wishes on my terms. I discovered that the key to loving myself was in becoming more gentle and in becoming my own Cheerleader.  Now that this is my practice, I can share my gift to inspire you through my art.  I have been an artist for 30+ years and it is only in the last three years that I have found a way to give back in a deeper sense; creating art that helps you feel whatever you most need. If the ocean is not your happy place, reach out, we can chat about what special theme I can create for you through my ‘Manifestation Art Experience’.  It can be about what you are already grateful for, to what you are inspired to attract to your Legacy and Life Vision….I am YOUR artist.

What inspires Your soul?

Our Customer's Testimonials

  • I wake up each morning and
    look at my Manifesting painting by De Camille. Every day I am reminded about all the things that make me happy and keep me going. Camille goes through a process with you to help you feel and envision what you most desire.  The piece she created is like a 2D visual alter of my future life and dreams!

    - Michelle C
  •  I loved working with artist ‘de Camille’, on her ‘Manifestation Art Experience’. She has infused all of the elements necessary in manifesting our ultimate life vision into art.  I highly recommend connecting with her to create a personalized piece of your own to keep your vibe and energy up and your focus on your Life Vision. It was the best gift I could have given myself that I will cherish forever - in fact, it hangs above my bed!

    - Natalie Ledwell
  • I highly recommend Camille to anyone looking for a unique and meaningful way to celebrate a special occasion or set intentions for the future. Her talent, professionalism, and attention to detail are truly top-notch. Thank you so much, Camille, for creating a beautiful manifestation painting that we'll treasure for years to come!

    - Sathana Mam

The Ocean Bliss and Porthole Collection

Immerse yourself with the healing power of the ocean and raise your vibration with my collection of 'Ocean Bliss' original art and fine art prints. These artworks can be purchased as original paintings and fine art prints on fine art paper, or even on hand-selected merchandise.  

If you love to sail or cruise you can keep the view with you through my Porthole paintings! If the water is not your happy place, what is?  I love allowing you to be my muse. You deserve to have art that reminds you to feel amazing in the present moment and in alignment with your ideal life vision.  

Send me a private message for us to set up a time for a consultation via zoom.

With love, gratitude, and respect,

xo Camille

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