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PRESS Portland Local NBC Syndicate KGW 8 on the Art Fundraiser

Apr 16, 2020


Author: Katherine Cook Published: 11:23 PM PDT  

April 15, 2020 Updated: 11:23 PM PDT April 15, 2020

As an artist and gallery curator, Camille Schectman is joining forces with fellow artists to help those in need, while trying to stay afloat.Author: Katherine CookPublished: 11:23 PM PDT April 15, 2020Updated: 11:23 PM PDT April 15, 2020PORTLAND, Oregon — Portland artist Camille Schectman remembers the day the COVID-19 crisis hit her family's livelihood. “The feeling of, ‘How will I ever survive as an artist in this,’ and then my husband losing his job,” recalled Schectman. “Then you wake up one morning and think, you still have to be doing it.” Last September, the mother of two launched an online art gallery called Cool Art House Curated De Camille. It features the work of 12 artists including Schectman. She wondered how they could help others in need while trying to help themselves. 

“Although I don't have money to donate, I wanted to be creative with what I do have,” said Schectman. Schectman reached out to her fellow gallery artists. They all agreed to donate anywhere from 20% to 50% of their proceeds to Feeding America, the national organization that partners with Meals on Wheels. “Every day we're stuck at home but I just keep thinking about people who are just hand-to-mouth and how much they're suffering right now,” said Schectman. The art featured in Cool Art House ranges in price from $40 to $5,000 for some originals. Customers interested in learning what sale percentage each artist is donating can ask Schectman via Instagram or e-mail. Like most professionals, Schectman said the artists don't know what awaits them in the months to come. “Even if people are let out, are we going to want to rub shoulders at an art fair? Are people going to be thinking about art?” Wondered Schectman, who's focusing on what's certain. “It's so basic that we all need food every day.”

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