Gallery of Commissions from the 'Manifestation Art Experience'

From past commissions to the lovely process



I am an artist on a mission to remind you to feed and fuel your love for yourself.

For me, it is about keeping my own cup full so that there is enough to give to my family.

I'm sure many a parent can relate.

Self-love is a universal need and we can always practice a deeper connection

with ourselves, others as well as the Supreme Influence.

I am inspired to create art that inspires your soul.

For the ‘Manifestation Art Experience’, 'M.A.X', I will lead you on a guided meditation

to help you tap into your deeper vision for your life

and what you want to manifest.                                       

For others, this will represent what they are most grateful for,

or want to be reminded of, to live more in the present.  

I am painting now to help uplift my Collector in a profoundly personal way. 

It is vital that what we look at fills us with inspiration and motivates our desire to thrive.

I want to give you a daily reminder of your unique place in this world

and that YOU deserve anything you believe is possible.

I love experimenting and have many styles and themes; from oceans; to flowers and landscapes; abstracts; to Spiritual art! 

I am fascinated by the power of manifestation and love creating art for my clients which helps inspire a calm state and is in alignment with their Life Vision.

This project is incredible as a Wedding or Anniversary gift

as it helps bond the couple and their shared goals.

It is both experiential and permanent.

The art captures the Legacy they want to remember and be remembered for.

This unique commission is intended to be a visual tool

which can help in activating the law of attraction

and turning your home into your own sanctuary.

Maybe you are a healer or coach?

I invite you to reach out for a complimentary consultation

to discuss you OR your clients' needs. 

What inspires YOU? 

What are you inspired to manifest? 

I will distill the essence of your vision through the bristles of my brush.

The Process

1. First we will connect on zoom/ video call where I will guide you through unique breath work to help access what brings you most joy and serenity

2. I will then allow the themes and imagery to align with my creative intuition and paint based on our session and discussion

3 I share the artwork with you after it is about 60% done, for your feedback and input

4. I ship it to you and we set up another time to connect via a video call and connect you to your painting to empower you to have an energetic and emotional connection to the piece, every time you view it.

When Covid began I made it my mission to help give a huge percentage of the proceeds to Feeding America. People magazine wrote an article about it, then it was picked up by the local news. Now my mission continues; to help as many people as I can through the magical healing quality of art. 

Each piece is hand signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Shipping is included in the investment price.

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