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Collection: Ocean Bliss Collection

This collection came about after I reflected on how many of my clients were inspired by the calming effect of water in their 'Manifestation Art Experience'. I have always noticed the way my mood shifts whenever I am near or in water.  Have you ever noticed?  Do you feel this way when you are in water?  Or do you have another happy place? 

Ironically, I am also very drawn to the aqua shades of water.  Lately I have been experimenting with variations of this palette and color you would not expect to work in water and iridescent paints which make this collection blissful and serene....

The second and equally popular series within the collection are the Portholes.  The portholes are your way to capture the view of ocean and take it home with you.  I have plans to have them shown on Cruise Lines for their voyagers.

Lucky for you, you don't have to board a ship to snag one for yourself!