From the walls of exclusive office buildings to cozy neighborhood cafes, wineries, restaurants, hospitals and even hair salons, the art de Camille had been shown in many a setting.

2023 marked a year that she would start to take the ;Manifestation Art Experience’ into the healthcare sector to give back and to allow the heroes of our era; the nurses and healthcare staff to have their dreams and desires heard and honored through her art.

The healthcare staff were the Muse in this painting; ‘River of Manifestation’.  Measuring 5 ft wide 60” and 4 ft tall, this painting stands in the large corridor of Randall Childrens’ Hospital and beside it is a plaque which shares their process with the viewer and invites them to place their wishes in the bubbles which float up the river.


She also showed her ‘Ocean
Bliss' and 'Porthole' Collections at the Providence Hospital in Portland during the Summer of 2023. Her work can also be found in luxury Day Spas and clinics. She is forever content painting the ocean yet is keen to experiment with painting the foggy landscape of the Pacific Northwest, where she resides.


Though de Camille’s art
career has spanned 30 + years she has always done it on her own terms and has never attached herself exclusively to any one gallery.  Like her style, she has always been free to explore and experiment, enjoying the variety of styles and themes.

 In 2024 Camille is inspired to continue sharing her work to help remind you to feed and fuel your love for yourself whether it be in your home; office; sanctuary; place of worship, medical clinic or hospital as well as out on the sea.

She is actively manifesting
offering her Porthole Collection on Cruise ships!

2024 also marks the launch of
her line of high quality framed and unframed prints and merchandise. Now you may enjoy her art at all price points, and for many of your decorating and gifting needs!